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Industry Expertise
Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of leading industries including Life Sciences, Health Care, Telecommunications, Consumer Goods, Educational Services, and more. Our understanding of the business models and related metrics to monitor success allows us to implement and develop solutions that provides a competitive advantage for your firm.


Functional Knowledge
Our consultants have long-term experience working within all functions. Our solutions are crafted with considerations for the responsibility of each function and the best-practices for communications and hand-off between functions. We value the importance of bringing functions together to create a culture of continuous improvement and shared ownership.


Technical Proficiency
Our teams have a technical expertise to facilitate large-scale systems implementations, custom development solutions, web & native app development (Android & iOS), and systems integration. We have a history of working in partnership with existing client teams for a seamless workflow, knowledge transfer, and handoff.

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  • Justin Dovidio

    Justin Dovidio founded RoadmapMetrics Inc. in 2012 and currently serves as CEO.…

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Mission & values

  • Lasting Relationships

    Our customers are our family. For all projects small or large, we start each engagement with the aim to build long lasting relationships with our clients. Integrity and authenticity are paramount to our success and the reason why over 85% of our new customers are referrals from existing customers. There is no technical solution too…

  • Collaboration

    We seek first to understand by forming relationships with teams and resources up and down the chain of your organization. Working together ensures solutions are adopted by resources within each function impacted by the change. Effective communication plans including the socialization of changes to workflow and technology platforms is in our DNA. We work collaboratively with clients…

  • Solution Driven & Follow Through

    Often times not discussed but of critical importance is the need to see projects through to the very end. This seemed obvious to us here at RoadmapMetrics however, it was only until we had received many gestures of gratitude from our clients for our follow-through and heard stories of their experiences with sub-standard development firms did…

  • Technical Integrity

    We pride ourselves on the integrity of our solutions. Often times there are many avenues to arrive at the same solution and the end-user may never know what’s “under the hood”. We value opportunities to showcase the thoughtfulness of our solutions and encourage our clients to be fully involved in all decisions. Our solutions are…