Analytics Assessment

Knowing where to begin can be difficult.  Take the first step to enable advanced analytics for your organization, allow us to conduct an assessment that will provide an overview of your current state.  We will deliver an assessment covering 11 critical analytics performance measures including a benchmark against similarly sized organization within your industry.  This is a low cost option to understand your future options.  Analytics Assessment engagements typically span two to three weeks with a final presentation on week four.

The assessment will include two knowledge-transfer sessions that will provide basic frameworks and nomenclature such that you can start thinking and talking about your future state.  We will take a deep dive in the following flavors of analytics and help you understand how it applies to your organization.

  • Descriptive Analytics - “What has happened?
    Uses data mining and data aggregation to provide insight into the past.
  • Predictive Analytics - “What could happen?”
    Uses statistical models and forecasts techniques to understand the future.
  • Prescriptive Analytics - “What should we do?”
    Uses optimization and simulation algorithms to advice on possible outcomes

You may have immediate needs in one, or all three, of these areas however, you want ensure the technology you implement enables analytics that is strategic and yields a long-term pay off.

Technology is changing and new SaaS offerings are released often however, it may be hard to distinguish the enterprise level SaaS solutions from solutions that will be gone tomorrow.

RoadmapMetrics works with organizations of all shapes and sizes to provide assessments of the current state of your analytics.  We help answer many common questions:

  • How would you rate our current reporting, analytics, and technology infrastructure?
  • How would you rate our business process management?
  • How do my ratings compare to other similarly-sized organizations within my industry?
  • If we made improvements, how would it impact my internal operations, customers, and my bottom line?
  • What is the path to improvement given our current priorities and strategic goals?

RoadmapMetrics is technology-agnostic which allows us to provide objective assessment and recommendations for your organization.  Our recommendation will be based on over two decades of experience helping organizations develop long-term technology roadmaps and kick-off tactical systems implementations projects.

Making the right choice in technology is important however, it is only one of the many important decisions for improving your analytics and reporting.  Understanding current business processes and creating a plan to resolve inefficiencies prior to systems implementation is important and often times has little to do with specific technology.  Additionally it is important to consider your organization's corporate culture and resource skill-sets when formulating an approach.  We check all boxes when providing our assessments.  We will draw a direct line between making improvements to your technology/processes and the profitability of your organization.

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    Analytics Assessment

    Take the first step to improve your analytics by understanding your current state

    Data Strategy

    Formulate a strategic plan to ensure your technology investments provide long-term benefits

    Business Intelligence & Data Architecture

    Implement reporting required for internal operations and expected by your customers

    Business Process Reengineering

    Address and resolve shortcomings related to your business processes before implementing new technology

    Business & Financial Analysis as a Service

    Outsource in-depth analysis for quick results and polished reporting and presentations

    Systems Implementation

    Implement new systems with confidence by partnering with us