Budget Forecast Actuals

Sound Familiar?

  • "The consolidation system does not include those fields."
  • "Revenue is rolled-up to too high of a level”
  • "We could do it but it would mean a delay to other projects."
  • "It would take about six months because it involves a significant effort by I.T. and the data-warehouse team."

Before you search for a new system or embark on a massive development effort to get what's needed, allow us to conduct the analysis.  Once complete, we will implement the proper tools and procedures allowing your resources to provide the analysis ongoing with the assistance of new dashboards and automated reporting.


We do the tedious work of extracting detail needed from source systems and aligning the data to uncover hidden opportunities in your business.

We have the technical expertise to reorganize data-repositories and provide new dashboards and data-visualizations.

Our analysis and dashboards cast light on detail lost by allocations, confused by revenue recognition procedures, masked by labor hours reporting mandates, and hidden by roll-ups and consolidations.

For clients we have answered questions such as:

  • What are the warranty and installation costs by product line?
  • What would ROI be if we could properly allocate shared resources by product?
  • How much pull-through revenue should be attributed to add-on products?
  • How much incremental revenue did we achieve from the new version?
  • What is the best time to release a new product and limit cannibalization?
  • What would the ROI be if we could properly align freight costs by product line?
  • What is the appropriate expenditure on indirect expense?
  • What would be the financial impact of a change in our travel policy?
  • What was the F/X impact to our budget?
  • What currencies should we hedge?
  • How much stock should we buy back?

The questions above can be impossible if your analysts do not have the input data.  Often times it takes a large effort to obtain what is needed.  If you work in a highly matrixed organization it could take a year to kick-off a project comprised of data-warehouse teams, developers, finance representatives, and PMs.

We will conclude your analysis quickly and with minimal impact to your team.

We will follow-up analysis with a blueprint that enables your team to provide this analysis on-going and we will work with your I.T. teams to implement new procedures and dashboards!

We have provided insights for clients resulting in increased revenue the very next quarter!

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