Business Development & Financial Modeling

Sound familiar?

  • "The model includes a large range because I couldn't get the detail needed from BI or our data-warehouse."
  • "It's hard to tell the acquisition impact on warranty and installation because it's just a consolidation."
  • "I'm not sure of the incremental revenue because we're reusing part numbers in the latest version."
  • "We can't really do a retrospective analysis of the acquisition against the original model because the revenue numbers don't include enough detail from the sales transactions."
  • "We have no way of easily updating the budget fx rates to determine the fx impact... it would take weeks"


It's not the fault of your analysts, they simply don't have the inputs or the data is not in a usable format for the analysis.

This is where we come in.


We are experts at extracting raw data from source systems, aligning it, and rolling it up to conduct analysis on your behalf.

We uncover hidden opportunities in your business by looking at trends and relationships you never knew existed.

We present analysis coupled with data visualizations and time-line animations allowing executive management to digest detail quickly and with greater engagement.

Do not pull your best people off a project to do a data-intensive analysis, we will work with your team to do it cheaper, faster, and with better results.  We will also hand over the blueprint for your I.T. staff and analysts to update the analysis on-going.

We have a background in technology and can create dashboards, metrics, and KPIs for ongoing monitoring and strategic goal setting.  Contact us today!

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