Business Process Reengineering

Quality business processes are the most important factor of successful business operations and I.T. systems that support those operations.  It is sometimes easy to conclude that shortcomings of business operations stem from the I.T. systems and technology infrastructure.  This thinking has led many organizations to embark on new systems implementations projects that ultimately fail to meet the objectives of the implementation.

It is important to understand and document the current state of business processes, identify issues, and document future state independent from a particular technology solution.  This will help to ensure any new technology that is implement is not simply automating a failed process.  Additionally, this will help when evaluating technology options and having discussions with software vendors as you will be armed with the important questions and a prioritized list of "must haves".

We work with many organizations to understand and document current state business processes and flows in preparation for a software/vendor evaluation and ultimately a systems implementation.  Identifying future state business processes prior to selecting a technology will allow you to be objective when choosing technology that is the right fit for your organization.

It is common for organizations to embark upon a systems implementation project and identify issues with business process in the middle of the project when the amount of resources involved and spending is at its highest.  At this time deadlines and budgets have already been established and the pressure to make a quick sub-optimal compromise is also at it's highest.  This is a recipe for disaster because there is often no time to understand the impact of such compromises.

RoadmapMetrics can help avoid these situations by...

  • mapping out current state business processes in advance of a systems implementation.
  • identifying issues and pain points with current state business proccesses.
  • meeting with stakeholders to devise a resolution and path forward.

Taking these steps ensures there are no surprises when it comes time for new systems enhancements or implementations.

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