Dashboards, KPIs, and Metrics

Sound Familiar?

"I want to click an icon on my desktop and see a dashboard with three speedometers."

"I want to click and drill-down to see what's driving the changes."

"I want a KPI for each of strategic goal we set."

"I want a dashboard that includes all of these metrics in one place?"

Have you heard this at your company?  It is time to pull the trigger and make it happen!


We are experts at helping firms identify, calculate, and implement KPIs, metrics, and dashboards.  Our expertise in technology allows us to work with your I.T. staff to obtain raw data, facilitate data transformations, and implement dashboards.  Unlike a software vendor, we do not push expensive products and prefer instead to enhance your existing infrastructure.

If you are reading this, you may already understand the value properly-tuned dashboards can bring to your businesses.  We have the business background and technology expertise to finally make it happen.  Contact us today!


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    Budget, Forecast, Actuals

    Is lack of detail in your consolidated financials costing you?

    Market Analysis

    Does your product market assessment include trends based on Predictive Analysis & Big Data?

    Portfolio Project Management

    Are broad allocations and pull-through revenue assumptions clouding your portfolio assessment?

    Pricing Strategy

    Is your tier-structured pricing providing healthy incentives and tied to the best attributes for your business?

    Business Development & Financial Modeling

    Do your systems make it difficult to conduct post-acquisition analysis and implement metrics to monitor progress?

    Dashboards, KPIs, & Metrics

    Are you struggling to automate KPIs, enable dashboards, and create metrics that encourage a desired behavior?