Data Strategy

To enable your data to work for your organization it is important to have a data strategy.  A successful data strategy is not just about I.T. systems, it is also about your corporate structure, culture, resource development, and your customer needs and expectations.  Data transformed to information, knowledge, and wisdom can be your company's greatest asset.  It is important to make decisions about your technology that align with your organization, customers, and the trajectory of technology offerings.

RoadmapMetrics can work with your organization to craft a customized data strategy putting you on a path to greater profitably and competitiveness.  We will work with your team and walk through the steps of a functioning data strategy which include:

  • Developing a data strategy based on company's value proposition
  • Executing enterprise-wide governance and management systems
  • Creating a central source of data for your organization
  • Building internal and external analytics partnerships
  • Developing and scaling talent

"The practice of continuously optimizing customer experiences with data, analytics, and insights — fuels every insights-driven business. Firms know that this approach gives them competitive advantage, and many have made significant investments in digital analytics data and technology to generate actionable customer insights."   - Forrester Research Nov. 2016

What we Provide

  • Conduct meetings to understand your organizations
    • strategic objectives
    • greatest pain points
    • past successes
    • future objectives
  • Assessment of your organization's
    • current state of data analytics
    • business process management
    • systems and technology
    • internal pain-points, wants, and needs (employee interviews)
    • customer pain-points, wants and needs (customer interviews)
  • Hypothesis Review
  • Data Strategy Recommendation covering
    • Overview of the value of your data
    • Overview of data and information monetization opportunities
    • Organizational structure, roles and responsibilities
    • Technology Roadmap
    • Technology Recommendation
    • Vendor Recommendation
    • 14-month Project Plan related to Systems Enhancements and Implementation

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    Analytics Assessment

    Take the first step to improve your analytics by understanding your current state

    Data Strategy

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    Business Intelligence & Data Architecture

    Implement reporting required for internal operations and expected by your customers

    Business Process Reengineering

    Address and resolve shortcomings related to your business processes before implementing new technology

    Business & Financial Analysis as a Service

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    Systems Implementation

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