Market Analysis

Market Analysis


  • Have you been wanting to leverage external trend data to enhance your strategy and projections?
  • Have you wanted to conduct regression analysis, using sales transactions, to reinforce your assumptions?
  • Do you suspect there's an opportunity to better match your customers to your advertisers or vendors?
  • Are you missing critical detail in your reporting and analysis?

You are not alone, these are common problems we solve for our clients.

We align databases of real-time market information with client sales and customer detail to confirm new strategies and provide rigorous projections.

We complement our analysis with beautiful data-visualizations allowing stakeholders to quickly digest complicated trends and relationships.

Our expertise in business and technology allows us to rapidly develop automated-reporting and dashboards for continued monitoring and management of new procedures.

For clients we have answered questions such as:

  • Are there opporunties to restructure our sales territories?  Which territories should be first on the list?
  • Where is our product strategy successful, where is our product strategy not successful, why is this the case, and what can we do to enhance our strategy?
  • What countries should be prioritized for software localization?
  • What markets require education to bolster demand?
  • What is common among customers that are downgrading their level of service
  • What can we do to reduce churn and increase renewals at current rates?
  • How is our on-line interface impacting leads to our vendors?

Our services have helped many clients uncover hidden opportunities in their businesses.

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