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AI Powered Business Analytics Dashboards & Data Visualization

Revolutionize your business dashboards with our AI-driven service. We integrate cutting-edge large language models with your accounting, CRM, financial, and consolidation systems, delivering real-time insights that elevate your decision-making to new heights.

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    Crafting Tailored Solutions with Unmatched Expertise and Value.

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"For over a decade we have been heavily involved in creation of business executive dashboards leveraging source data from operational systems and business warehouses. Depending upon client needs, and growth forecasts, we select from a variety of applications for client solutions including Tableau, Spotfire, Power BI, Google Data Studio, Domo and others.

When Introducing large language models to business dashboards the value and effectiveness increases exponentially. AI provides meaningful context to information presented and can extrapolate the strategic impact of new information as it is received in real-time!

Businesses that invest early in AI will have an unparalleled advantage over competitors. We are excited to be early adopters in this space and thoroughly enjoy leading our clients down this fascinating path."

Image of Justin M. Dovidio, MBA, CEO of RoadmapMetrics, Inc. providing business management consulting & software development

Justin Dovidio, MBA

CEO RoadmapMetrics, Inc.

  • Available Online

    Crafting Tailored Solutions with Unmatched Expertise and Value.

    30 min

Our Approach

We customize our timeline and efforts to align with the specific needs and availability of each client.

Phase 1: Initial Assessment and Understanding

  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the current state, including discussions with stakeholders and the identification of key challenges and objectives.

  • Gather data from various operational source systems, including but not limited to sales, marketing, finance, and customer relations.

  • Conduct interviews with key personnel to understand business processes, data requirements, and desired outcomes.

  • Analyze historical data and industry benchmarks to establish a baseline and define hypotheses for dashboard development.

  • Utilize this information to draft a preliminary business process model and roadmap for dashboard implementation.

Phase 2: Key Insights and Recommendations

  • Identify key findings and implications derived from the initial assessment, focusing on opportunities for process improvement and data optimization.

  • Develop recommendations for the design and implementation of business dashboards, considering factors such as data visualization techniques, dashboard functionality, and integration with existing systems.

  • Build scenarios to test the impact of proposed dashboard solutions on operational efficiency and decision-making.

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to refine the dashboard model and finalize projections for implementation.

  • Develop a comprehensive implementation plan, including pre-work sessions, system configurations, and integration with source systems.

  • Iterate on proposed changes based on internal feedback and resource availability, ensuring alignment with business objectives.

  • Implement the finalized dashboard solutions, providing ongoing support and monitoring to track performance metrics and ensure continuous improvement.

Through this phased approach, we aim to deliver tailored business dashboards that provide actionable insights, streamline operations, and drive informed decision-making. Our goal is to empower businesses with the tools and information they need to succeed in today's dynamic marketplace.

  • Available Online

    Crafting Tailored Solutions with Unmatched Expertise and Value.

    30 min

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