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Business Financial Health Check

Managing a business entirely on your own is challenging, if not, impossible.

How many of the following statements are true for you?



  • "We're struggling to manage our cash flow effectively."

  • "Cash flow is tight, especially during slow seasons."

  • "We need help forecasting cash flow to avoid cash crunches."


  • "Our profit margins are shrinking, and we're not sure why."

  • "We're not making as much profit as we expected."

  • "We need help identifying ways to increase profitability."

Financial Planning and Budgeting

  • "We don't have a clear financial plan for the future."

  • "Our budgeting process is disorganized, and we overspend in certain areas."

  • "We need help creating a realistic budget and financial goals."

Understanding Financial Statements:

  • "I don't understand what all these financial numbers mean."

  • "Our financial statements don't give us the insights we need to drive our business forward."

  • "We need help interpreting our financial reports and using them to guide our decisions."

Compliance and Regulatory:

  • "We're worried about staying compliant with tax laws and regulations."

  • "We need assistance with financial reporting and compliance requirements."

  • "We're not sure if we're following all the necessary financial regulations."

If any these statements apply to you, take action before it impacts the long-term health of your business.

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    Crafting Tailored Solutions with Unmatched Expertise and Value.

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Winding Road

"When time is of the essence you don’t need advice, you need help.  Drawing from over two decades of experience, we've refined our approach to swiftly identify and tackle your financial challenges without adding unnecessary burden.

Prioritization is Paramount!


Through our streamlined processes, we pinpoint the top problem areas that contribute to 80% of your financial woes. By addressing these critical issues head-on, we ensure immediate and impactful improvements to your bottom line.

But our support doesn't stop there. We go beyond short-term fixes, providing you with detailed strategic roadmaps for a sustainable and prosperous future. With us by your side, you'll not only overcome immediate obstacles but also pave the way for long-term success.

Our aim is to empower you with greater confidence and understanding when it comes to the finances of your business. Together, we'll weather the storm and emerge stronger than ever before."

Image of Justin M. Dovidio, MBA, CEO of RoadmapMetrics, Inc. providing business management consulting & software development

Justin Dovidio, MBA

CEO RoadmapMetrics, Inc.

  • Available Online

    Crafting Tailored Solutions with Unmatched Expertise and Value.

    30 min

Our Approach

We tailor timeline & effort according to client needs and availability.
Total Project Durations: 2.5-week, 4-week, and 6-week options available.

Phase 1: Baseline current state, define hypotheses, understand impact problem/resolution.

  • Baseline gather, financial data, finance and accounting SME

    • Conduct short survey.

    • Financial statements and document gathering.

    • Review/define business and project objectives.

    • Interview client SME’s to understand financial operations and business processes.

    • Analyze internal data: historical financials (actuals/budgets/forecasts).

    • Review relevant best-practices/benchmarks.

  • Develop hypotheses & Data analysis

    • Client check-point.

    • Develop hypotheses on financial operations & sales performance.

    • Defined desired internal financial operations processes.

    • Build draft business process model.

  • Interviews Business Owner, bookkeeper/accountant, finance lead.

    • Check point with Business Owner.

    • Analyze interviews for financial strategy implications.

    • Develop financial operations model & I.T. systems roadmap.


Phase 2: Key findings & implications, financial process, strategy recommendations, and implementation of key systems, solutions, and process improvements.

  • Identify key findings and Implications.

    • Develop key findings & implications for financial operations, accounting procedures, and existing I.T. systems.

    • Build scenario to test impact of changes to operational procedure enhancements.

    • Based on research, identify evidence to support or modify financial operations and procedures.

    • Identify implications for next generation procedure models.

    • Revisit frames of reference, best practices – all constraints in light of internal feedback.

  • Develop Recommendations

    • Work with business owner to refine new model.

    • Draft projections

    • Build implementation plan (pre-work and working sessions) for financial procedures and systems improvements.

    • Iterate on changes in light of internal feedback and resource allocation.

    • Identify implications for new generation procedures and systems.

    • Review & finalize with business owner.

  • Implementation

    • Implement key financial operations changes, accounting procedures, I.T. systems configurations updates.

    • Provide key metrics for ongoing management and monitoring.

  • Available Online

    Crafting Tailored Solutions with Unmatched Expertise and Value.

    30 min

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