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Earn Cash for Leads!


Do you know a U.S. company seeking RoadmapMetrics services?
Fill out the form below and get paid for leads!

Bronze Lead

Company name, contact, description of service needed.


Per Lead

Silver Lead

Bronze + Personal Introduction.


Per Lead

Gold Lead

Silver + Personal expertise & available to join on first call


Per Lead

Plus Bonuses!

If we close the deal you will receive:


$100 for engagements over $5K

$450 for engagements over $20K
$2,300 for engagements over $70K

$4,000 for engagements over $100K

Submit a Lead

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

What type of servies do they need? Check all that apply.
Lead Payments Methods.

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you in two business days or less.


What happens after submission?

  • We will review & validate the lead within 2 business days.

  • Once lead validation is complete successful, you will be notified via email and payment will be facilitated within 1 business day.

How are leads validated?

To ensure the quality and relevance of leads, we employ a rigorous validation process. Our primary objective is to confirm that the company indicated in the lead submission is indeed seeking the services specified. We initiate contact with each company through multiple channels, including reaching out to the designated contact provided in the lead submission. It's important to note that our communication isn't intended as a sales call; rather, it's a straightforward inquiry to verify their specific requirements. Once the need is confirmed, the validation process is successfully 

Lead Submission Guidelines

  • You may only submit up to 5 leads in a single 24hr period.

  • Lead company must be a U.S. based LLC, Corporation, or Non-Profit Corporation.

  • You may submit only one lead per company.

  • Your first & last name provided must correspond to the lead payout.

  • Total payout amounts equal to, or exceeding, $600 in a given calendar year may be subject to tax.

  • Bonus structure calculation is based on the first 12 months of client revenue for the initial engagement. For more information, see Lead Rewards Program Terms of Service 

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