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New Product Introduction
Best Practices Implementation Services

New Product Introduction is not for the weak and weary.

Do you have questions?

  • How do I allow for innovation synonymous to nimble start-ups while balancing investment parameters of a large matrixed organization?

  • How can I best coordinate forecasted ship dates with HR, sales, and marketing?

  • How can I ensure new internal metrics won’t lead to unintended behavior?

  • How can I streamline these I.T. systems such that my best and brightest are not slaves to management reporting?

  • How can I convince finance that project-based actuals, derived through allocations, are equally as important as GL budgets and actuals?

  • How can I prevent my star engineers from being sucked-in to management roles?

  • How can I align Agile development with investment approval procedures?

  • How do I know when voice of customer may not be balanced with future technology availability?


Answer: Work hard and partner with us!

We understand the pain points and have worked in this space for over a decade crafting procedures we can implement to improve all of the above.


We have procedures and best practices for:

  • Cross-functional communication, hand-off, and coordination.

  • Stage-Gate procedures that are nimble and light yet robust and full-proof.

  • Investment approval procedures that provide space for innovation and guidance for successful outcomes.

  • Balanced and reasonable metrics that reward achievement and encapsulate strategic objectives.

  • I.T. systems expertise in portfolio and project management systems, proper related configurations of such systems, knowledge of those best to implement such systems, and project management capabilities to see it through.

  • Ideation procedures that ignite innovation and reinvigorate creativity within teams.

  • Business processes that foster team mentality and allow for shared achievements.


Our holistic approach and expertise will transform your business to an innovation powerhouse!

  • Available Online

    Crafting Tailored Solutions with Unmatched Expertise and Value.

    30 min

Research & Development R&D engineers planning schematics , new england.jpg

"My journey into the realm of New Product Development began early in my career, where I spent seven years overseeing the corporate R&D function within the intricately structured life science organization, PerkinElmer.

The adage 'threading the needle' perfectly encapsulates the effort, focus, and patience required to thrive in this domain. New Product Development possesses the remarkable ability to unify all functional areas of a company. To achieve this unity, our approach must encompass both the 'big ticket items,' such as sales and ROI, as well as the minutiae, like addressing a malfunctioning button on an application utilized by engineers for drawing submissions.

We thrive on collaborating with clients in this domain because we share a common language and inherent shorthand that is universally understood by those immersed in this field."

Image of Justin M. Dovidio, MBA, CEO of RoadmapMetrics, Inc. providing business management consulting & software development

Justin Dovidio, MBA

CEO RoadmapMetrics, Inc.

  • Available Online

    Crafting Tailored Solutions with Unmatched Expertise and Value.

    30 min

Our Approach

At RoadmapMetrics, we approach New Product Introduction Best Practices Implementation Services with a commitment to understanding our clients' unique challenges and needs.


Our process begins with in-depth consultations, where we delve into the intricacies of our clients' operations, seeking to uncover pain points and root causes hindering their new product development endeavors. Through collaborative discussions and active listening, we form a hypothesis tailored to address their specific concerns, ensuring alignment with their organizational goals and objectives.

From there, we embark on a journey of solution development and implementation, guided by our wealth of experience in the field. We work hand-in-hand with our clients every step of the way, regularly checking in to ensure that our solutions resonate and remain on track. Our approach encompasses cross-functional communication, robust stage-gate procedures, innovative investment approval frameworks, and balanced metrics that incentivize achievement while aligning with strategic imperatives.


With expertise in IT systems optimization, ideation facilitation, and fostering a collaborative team mentality, we empower our clients to become innovation powerhouses, equipped to navigate the complexities of new product introduction with confidence and agility.

  • Available Online

    Crafting Tailored Solutions with Unmatched Expertise and Value.

    30 min

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