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A new community for I.T. Professionals

Join a curated group of New England I.T. professionals coming together as a community to help each other identify and secure opportunities, share events and network, and trade notes and experiences.

How it works

It's simple and free to join.

  • Step 1: Apply by completing your RoadmapMavens profile here.

  • Step 2: Look out for an approval email notification.

  • Step 3: Check out the private community forum and group.  Look for opportunities, review upcoming online & in-person community events, meet local I.T. professionals, and have fun!

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Revelations in the Talent Arena

Navigating the Intersection of Career and Community in the IT Landscape

In recent candidate searches for an IT position at RoadmapMetrics, I've had candid discussions with IT professionals. They've revealed frustrations with automated application systems, inexperienced recruiters, and questionable practices from staffing agencies. It's been eye-opening; while I knew of some issues, the extent has shocked me.

The economic downturn has hit IT professionals hard, worsened by a talent industry in disarray, endangering their livelihoods and morale. Starting my career as a developer, I've always felt a protective instinct for software engineers. This led me to wonder: what could a small New England consulting firm primarily focused on business management do for IT developers? Collaborating with colleagues, we identified actionable steps. But realizing lasting change requires a collective effort, we turned to our community, comprising both IT and business professionals.

Thus, the RoadmapMavens community group aims to implement practical actions to support IT professionals, with the journey defined collaboratively by us all.

Image of Justin M. Dovidio, MBA, CEO of RoadmapMetrics, Inc. providing business management consulting & software development

Justin Dovidio, MBA

CEO RoadmapMetrics, Inc.

About RoadmapMavens

It's free!  How it works

RoadmapMavens is an evolving support group for IT professionals, powered by the collective enthusiasm and intellect of its members. While we may lack all the answers, we've charted a course so far:

  • Employment, Contracting, and Staffing Opportunities: Though RoadmapMetrics is small, we often subcontract specialized development and provide staffing solutions for clients. RoadmapMavens members will have priority access to these opportunities, approached with radical transparency.

  • Commission Compensation Plan: We offer a straightforward commission plan for identifying new clients. This is invaluable for projects requiring collaboration between business and technology professionals.

  • Guidance from Business Experts: Our seasoned business team dedicates time monthly to offer advice to IT professionals in need.

If none of these options align with your needs, you may still gain value by joining the group to connect with local IT professionals via our forum and community group. While the economy may be challenging now, change is on the horizon. Let's come together, exchange insights, and support each other through these times.

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